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Who We Are

Fables Books is a locally owned, independent bookstore committed to offering a curated selection of books and literary gifts.  We want this space to be welcoming to everyone, and a place where the community gathers.

It is important to us to engage with many diverse peoples in our community, in our country and in our world. Our goal is to be a place for the discovery and exchange of ideas working towards a peaceful and sustainable planet.

Our Core Values:

  • We believe in the value of every person.
  • We believe in a safe space where all are welcome.
  • We believe in honest, wise and fair business practices.
  • We believe in being responsible community members.
  • We believe in finding joy and laughter in every day.
  • We believe that reading can change the world.

      Meet the Owners

      Veronica Berkey

      Veronica’s story has included some kind of retail work nearly all of her working life, in all sorts of places – and she was a big part of opening and working the previous bookstore in Goshen. She’s been just waiting for the right opportunity to come along to fill and fuel her dreams of a retail space. Along with years of other eclectic work experiences, she has skills in Human Resources, administration, operations, merchandising and taking care of people. Veronica’s primary role with Fables will be in operations, merchandising, and the care of other people who love stories. Veronica reads to escape….fiction, especially young adult, mystery and suspense, and fun beach reads.

      Kristin Saner

      For Kristin, bliss is a comfy couch, a blanket, a cup of coffee, and stacks and stacks of books. Kristin’s retail story started when she worked for the previous bookstore in Goshen. Being part of creating Fables has been a dream come true. Kristin’s experience and skills include operations, merchandising, marketing, event planning, and caring for others. Kristin’s primary role with Fables will be in event planning, operations, and caring for the community. Books hold new worlds, and Kristin loves the escape, which explains why most of her reads are fiction especially fantasy and sci-fi. Memoirs, humor, and science show up in the the mix.

      Mark Saner

      Mark has spent his career in the IT world in various support and customer service roles. He is currently a Sr. Cloud Engineer for a business continuity company and the Assistant Boys Tennis Coach at Goshen High School. Local books stores have been a large part of raising his family from the local store where his children were born in Kansas to previous bookstore here in Goshen. Mark will be mostly behind the scenes providing IT service, lifting things, and likely filing in behind the counter when needed. Mark has always enjoyed young adult fantasy and sci-fi and has lately been enjoying memoirs.

      Brad Weirich

      Brad opened the bookstore in Goshen for Better World Books and operated the store the next 6 and a half years. As such, he has experience with all parts of starting and running a community bookstore. He has loved books his entire life and has a weird quirky memory for book-related minutiae. Brad will primarily be the book buyer for Fables, but you're sure to find him doing all sorts of other things around the store because he can't get enough of being around books. Brad loves books of all types, but particular favorites include modern fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, oral histories and baseball books. Feel free to chat about your favorite reads with him!

      Gary Berkey

      Gary spent the first part of his career in Accounting and is now a Business Intelligence Solutions Architect as part of the Data Warehousing group for a national Health Care provider. Gary will use his experience to support the owners primarily behind the scenes regarding bookkeeping, budgeting and planning, and whatever else the others ask of him. Gary enjoys mystery and historical biographies with some occasional fiction mixed in.