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Long Live the Audiobook

I grew up in Kansas. In fact, both my parents still live there, which means that at least once a year Mark, our three boys, and I pile into the van for the long fourteen-hour trip. The drive between Goshen, Indiana, to Wichita, Kansas, would never be described as exciting. Open roads, fields, trucks, a few hills, and more fields fill the landscape. While we're all used to the trip, and the joy of seeing Grandma and Grandpa makes it all the more bearable, the drive will never inspire excitement. Over the years, car entertainment has evolved as our boys have grown, but one thing has remained consistent in the last five years: audiobooks. 

Audiobooks make this trip to Kansas and back more bearable. Some trips each boy has their own book. Other times we listened together. But no matter who listens to what, audiobooks make the trip feel shorter. They allow us to escape the boring highway for adventure and excitement.  

This is why I'm so excited that Fables Books is partnering with to offer audiobooks to our customers. Whether reading the printed word or disappearing into the sound of the storyteller's voice, books allow us to travel beyond our current space to discover new truths, new worlds, new reality. Plus, some books come alive in new ways in audio form. Hearing Trevor Noah read his book Born a Crime brings his words to life in ways beyond reading them off the page. Jim Dale breathes life into Harry, Ron, and Hermione in ways my husband or I could never achieve. 

We know the power of shopping local, so why not ensure your audiobooks support local as well. allows you to purchase audiobooks while supporting your local bookstore, whether that is us or another amazing indie. I've already loaded up my cart in prep for our next long car ride. Now's it's time for you to check it out. Visit to start listening.  

Cheers! - Kristin 🎧📘