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     I grew up in a house of readers: my mother read, my father read, my stepfather read, my brother read, and I read. So its no wonder books are often a go-to gift in my family. I love sharing the books I'm excited about with my family. Just as I love hearing about what my family reads and enjoys. This Father's Day, I wanted to send my Dad a book that I think he'll love. But I'm terrible at mailing things out on time. The box of books and goodies for my mom (meant for Mother's Day mind you) is still sitting at home waiting to be shipped. At this point, I'm planning on adding my stepfather's gift to the box as well before sending it out. (Here're hoping I get it down in the next week.) Thankfully, Fables Books partners with Our website does not currently offer shipping options, but with, it's easy.

      Here's how it works. Visit our page on here. From there, search our lists or for directly for the title you seek. will ship wherever you want, whether it's to your doorstep or, in my case, my Dad's house in Kansas. Plus, when you shop with, you're supporting your local bookstore. partners with indie bookstores, including us here at Fables books. So with each purchase you make, Fables Books benefits. Need ideas? We have several book lists, including best selling fiction, best selling non-fiction, and books for Dad. Check it out! Side note, while the box for my mom and step date may continue to sit our house for several more weeks, my gift to my Dad is already on its way! Thanks, :)