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Five Easy Ways to Support Fables Bookstore Before We Open

Fables Bookstore will be open by the end of the summer. Until then, we are working hard to open the doors while holding fulltime jobs. We are super grateful for the support of the community. Countless people have jumped in to help us move and sort books, donate books, and now have been donating to our IndieGoGo campaign.

A successful community bookstore requires the support and enthusiasm of the community. 

Here are five ways to help us keep up the momentum. All of them are pretty easy, and only one requires money. 

1. Interact with us on Social Media.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @fablesbooks. Share our Facebook posts and like and comment on our Facebook and Instagram posts. When you interact with our posts, Facebook will show our posts to more people and will help us spread the word.

Tag friends and invite them to like our Facebook page.

2. Sign up for our mailing list.

Keep up-to-date on shop progress and upcoming events. We'll share some of our latest blog posts, news, and promotions. We will keep your email private. Forward the email newsletters to friends that might like to follow the bookshop.

Sign up now.

3. Donate books.

Donate your gently used books that are ready to move on to new homes.

We love your pre or post garage sale book donations. Encourage your neighbors to drop off their books after their garage sales too.

Donations can be dropped off at Soapy Gnome until we are ready to accept them at the bookshop. If you have a big donation, we can schedule a time to meet you at the bookshop. Email us at to set up a time.

Donations the size of a copy paper box will get a coupon for $5 off a purchase once the shop opens.

4. Volunteer.

We could use help de-stickering books. Invite a couple of friends to come along, turn on some good tunes, and chat while mindlessly removing stickers.

We strive to offer sticker-free books. Our price tags will be easily removable too! Yes! We could also use some help wiping down shelves, cleaning up some book donations, and shelving books.

5. Donate to our IndieGoGo campaign.

If you are unfamiliar with IndieGoGo, it is a crowdfunding website. It allows businesses to raise funds from supporters for projects that could use a jumpstart. In return for your financial support, the organization offers perks.

Donate $10 or $10,000. Each donation will be used wisely to buy fixtures, prepare for events, and pay for all of the not-very-exciting things that take to get a store up and running, like utility deposits, price labels, and paint.

We have some great perks to offer like membership in our book club, t-shirts, and sponsorship of a shelf or section. 

We can accept donations online or by check or cash. If you have questions, check out the IndieGoGo website or send us an email at