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Five Easy Ways to Continue to Support Fables Books in 2020

When we first announced we were opening Fables Books, the community support was overwhelming. Your love and support allow us to fulfill our passion for connecting people with books, sharing stories, and finding joy in the written word. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This week marks the six-month anniversary of opening our doors. The work is not over, and your support is still needed more than ever.

A successful community bookstore requires the support and enthusiasm of the community. 

Here are five simple ways to support Fables Books. All of them are pretty easy, and only two require money. 



Cleaning out the house? Bring in those no-longer reads books and games, and we'll find new, loving homes for them. Encourage your friends and family to do the same. 

Donations the size of a copy paper box will get a coupon for $5 off a purchase. 



Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @fablesbooks. Share our Facebook posts and like and comment on our Facebook and Instagram posts. When you interact with our posts, Facebook will show our posts to more people and will help us spread the word.

Tag friends and invite them to like our Facebook page.



Keep up-to-date on store news and upcoming events. We'll share some of our latest blog posts, news, and promotions. We will keep your email private. Forward the email newsletters to friends that might like to follow the bookstore.

Sign up now.


4. Pre-Order with us

Is your favorite author publishing a new book this year? Did you hear about a new title on the news or a blog that's coming out soon? Pre-order books with us rather than online. We'll have the book ready for pick-up on release day, so you receive your book asap. 


5 Shop Indie

We know it's cliche, but it's true. When you're looking for a book or game, give us a call. Whether it's a new release or an old gem, we have ways to finding and ordering all types of titles. And when you shop with us rather than Amazon, you're putting your money right back into Goshen's economy. This helps us as a bookstore but also you the community member. It's a win-win. Encourage friends, family, coworking, and neighbors to do the same, so we all benefit.