Fables Books: Goshen's Truly Independent Bookstore


  • Five Easy Ways to Support Fables Bookshop Before We Open

    Fables will be open by the end of the summer. Until then, we are working hard to open the doors, while holding full-time jobs. We are super grateful for the support of the community. Countless people have jumped in to help us move and sort books, donate books, and now have been donating to our IndieGoGo campaign.

    To start a successful community bookshop, we need the support and enthusiasm of the community. 

    Here are five ways to help us keep up the momentum. All of them are pretty easy, and only one costs money. 

  • What is One Book You Wish You Had Already Read?

    On Friday night, Fables Bookshop hosted a preview night. From 5 pm to 9 pm, we opened our doors and talked with our community members. About 500 pe...
  • Reading Challenges

    In a good year, I’ll read about 25 books. One year, I set a goal to read 50 books. Another year, I set a goal to limit my reading to women authors....
  • Thank You for the Donations (and We Still Need More)

    Wow! Nine days out from our initial announcement and the energy keeps building. We’ve met with the landlord and eagerly await the moment when we ha...
  • Prelude to Fables: Part 1

    Five minutes into my commute home, Andy, my coworker and friend, said "Did you see the social media posts? Better World Books closed today?"

    "No, but I'm not surprised. Maybe Jenny and I will start a bookstore," I jokingly responded.

    Jenny and I had talked about what we saw missing at the local bookstore. Earlier in February, at a trade show in New York, Jenny tracked what to stock at Soapy Gnome and kept a mental inventory of what we could stock in our imaginary then-non-existent bookstore.

    Twenty minutes into my commute, I got a phone call from Jenny.

    "Wanna open a bookstore?" asked Jenny.