Fables Books: Goshen's Truly Independent Bookstore


  • Five Easy Ways to Continue to Support Fables Books in 2020

    This week marks the six-month anniversary of opening our doors. The work is not over, and your support is still needed more than ever.

    A successful community bookstore requires the support and enthusiasm of the community. Here are five simple ways to support Fables Books. All of them are pretty easy, and only two require money. 

  • 2020 Reading Challenge

    It's hard to believe that the middle of January is almost upon us. Where does the time go? Whether you've already made reading goals for 2020, or had good intentions, we wanted to share with you our 2020 Reading Challenge. This year we hope to read at least one book in each of these 12 categories. read this year.
  • Shop Local Without Breaking the Bank

    Don't break the bank with our 2019 Holiday Gift Ideas for $25 and under. We're here to help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your gift list.
  • Five Easy Ways to Support Fables Bookstore Before We Open

    Fables will be open by the end of the summer. Until then, we are working hard to open the doors, while holding full-time jobs. We are super grateful for the support of the community. Countless people have jumped in to help us move and sort books, donate books, and now have been donating to our IndieGoGo campaign.

    To start a successful community bookshop, we need the support and enthusiasm of the community. 

    Here are five ways to help us keep up the momentum. All of them are pretty easy, and only one costs money. 

  • Thank You for the Donations (and We Still Need More)

    Wow! Nine days out from our initial announcement and the energy keeps building. We’ve met with the landlord and eagerly await the moment when we ha...